Sunday, 22 December 2019

The Black Meadow Archive - Volume 1 - Coming Very Soon

The mist has risen. The cry of the Meadow Hag echoes across the North York Moors, mingling with the hum of a distant but unseen aeroplane. Vast swathes of whispering heather and blackberry are overshadowed by three huge white spheres. All who wander here may find themselves deliciously lost. This is the Black Meadow.

Located within forgotten files hidden inside a locked filing cabinet, in a disused storeroom deep in the cellars of Whitehall, these tales can finally see the light of day. Adapted from the original Brightwater notes, historical records and Roger Mullins’ diaries, these lost tales of the Black Meadow shed light on some of the darkest and strangest phenomena ever recorded.

From Chris Lambert, author of Tales from the Black Meadow and Wyrd Kalendar comes this new collection of haunting tales that walk the boundaries between reality and the unknown. 

The book and album will be released on January 31st 2020.
More details will follow soon.


  1. I've gathered everything I can on this. I have all the Chris Lambert books, the Soulless Party album, and the the Songs from the Black Meadow (various artists) album.. I'm waiting for a quiet weekend to devour all of it.