Monday, 18 December 2017

An inspiring blog

We would like to draw our dear followers attention to a fantastic blog by a lovely chap named Gavin Parry.

Gavin was behind a recent art and music project which explored 'The Black Path';
An ancient route between Redcar and Middlesbrough, the Black Path was often used by steelworkers making their way to and from work. The project's objective was to re-create the sights and sounds of this particular path and was given it's own exhibition at the House of Blah Blah in Middlesbrough in January 2016.

Aside from this, Gavin is very much a 'Psycho-geographer' for the North Yorkshire and Tees area.

His blog unearths the forgotten and mysterious past of the region and includes some rather delicious and breathtaking photographs of certain area's of interest including our beloved North York Moors and it's associated paths and trails.

Much of Gavin's work around this area has been a great source of inspiration, especially for the Black Meadow project.

We'd like to thank Gavin for this inspiration and would love the opportunity to work closely with him in the near future as we research our forthcoming Black Meadow volumes.

Here is a link to Gavin's Blog:

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