Saturday, 11 June 2016

Songs from the Black Meadow - Now available from Mega Dodo!

I am very proud to announce that you can buy this exciting folk horror album today (please click on the link) from Mega Dodo records. It costs £15 and all profits go to Cancer Research. You will be pleased to know that pre-sales have put it into profit already, all costs are now covered, so every penny you spend will go to Cancer Research.

17 musical artists from around the world have created and contributed tracks all inspired by "Tales from the Black Meadow".

  Buy it at the Mega Dodo shop here.

 This beautifully packaged CD includes tracks by folk horror artists such as The Hare and the Moon, Emily Jones, Rowan Amber Mill, Kid Moxie, The Soulless Party, Mervyn Williams, Theale Green School Choir, Eastgreen, Alison O'Donnell, Angeline Morrison, Joseph Curwen, Winterberry/concretism, Elena Martin, Lost Trail, The Implicit Order, Septimus Keen, Wyrdstone, Keith Seatman... For a flavour  - check out the sampler below...

  Buy it at the Mega Dodo shop here.

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