Monday, 11 May 2015

The Audire - A Seance at Syd's

Out this month is "Seance at Syd's", an exciting new book by Dave Thompson that features interviews with many Black Meadow contributors including Chris Lambert and Kev Oyston of "The Soulless Party".

For all the Black Meadow completists there is also a newly discovered tale called "The Audire" which is the result of a meeting between Roger Mullins and Syd Barrett in the late 60's. This tale is written by Chris Lambert.

It is currently available to buy on kindle either in the US here, or the UK here.

You can buy the paperback at here and here.
The hardback version is available here. It looks very different and has colour photographs inside...

We are also promised an exciting compilation featuring tracks by all of the featured artists which will be out very soon.

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