Saturday, 12 July 2014

Superb review of Black Meadow Project by "Fascination with Fear"

Excellent horror blog "Fascination with Fear" has written a fantastic review of the Black Meadow project encompassing the album, book and virtual adventures.

Fascination With Fear

The Album provoked this response:
"I can see the title card and the credits appearing over gently revolving images—a moonlit meadow here, an old tree, the silhouettes of children playing. I’m certain that at the start of the show we would find a gentleman in front of a blazing fire in some English parlor, closing the dusty tome he was holding to welcome us to the show."

 The Book this reaction:
"The book reads like a book of scary stories to tell children before bedtime. The writing is simple and purposefully repetitive, but Lambert goes to great lengths to create the eerie world of the Black Meadow." 

The summing up is quite frankly, lovely:
"After reading the book, listening to the CD and the Radio 4 Documentary I am so impressed and inspired by the lengths Lambert went to to bring his mythos to life and spread it out through so many mediums. It is always inspirational to see originality and another’s appreciation for folklore."

 You can read the whole article by Marie Robinson here.

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